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    Middle Years Timeline


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    Middle Years Timeline Empty Middle Years Timeline

    Post  Jim on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:13 pm

    2230 / Y120 At about this time, most races are able to extend the reach of their tractor beams to 20,000km and the range of their transporters to 40,000km. All races begin building Base Stations along their borders, replacing previous haphazard networks of various types and sizes of bases. This tends to solidify the borders over the next two decades.

    2231 / Y121 Klingo-Tholian “Incident” renews border tensions.

    2235 / Y125 The Federation Council votes for a massive program of exploration toward the unexplored and uninhabited coreward regions. Aurora III becomes the staging area for this program. A fleet Base Station is built there, and supplies for the program are stockpiled as explorers, traders, colonists, and Star Fleet await final approval of the campaign.

    2236 / Y126 The first of the new Federation heavy cruisers known as the Constitution-class are launched.

    2240 / Y130 Federation Constitution-class heavy cruisers are simultaneously inaugurated as the flagships of all of the numbered fleets. Some have been de facto flagships for some time.

    The Federation Aurora colony disappears mysteriously after sending a report of a very unusual cosmic storm. Every starship in the sector is sent to investigate but finds nothing; the entire Aurora system has disappeared, star, planets, asteroids, bases, colonists — everything! The Federation Council attempts a cover-up, but the news leaks. The resignation of pro-exploration members of the council delays such exploration for decades.

    2241 / Y131 Orion Pirates board a Federation commercial starliner, The Celestial Queen, with numerous dignitaries on board. Highlanders Prime Team, under the command of Sheroc Kelleret, liberates the Starliner with no civilian fatalities. While the Orions fought to the death rather than surrender, Orion propaganda convinces many that a vengeful Prime Team executed the pirates.

    2246 / Y136 Second Federation-Kzinti War begins as Kzintis attack Federation border stations.

    2249 / Y139 Klingon-Tholian Incident (yes, another one).

    2252 / Y142 Second Federation-Kzinti War ends with no change in the border.

    2254 / Y144 Star Fleet places the world Talos IV off limits following a mission by the cruiser Enterprise. The reason for the classification is kept secret by Star Fleet and this leads to a number of conspiracy theories and more than a few movies about what may have happened.

    2255 / Y145 Kzinti renegades (of a neo-samurai cult) raid Allen’s Planet, slaughtering all 3,000 colonists with the exception of one human infant, William S. Gerard, who they take with them. The Marquis (the Kzinti noble in charge of the Federation border) captures and executes the renegades to preserve peace, but he cannot return Gerard without explaining what the samurai had planned to do with him. Gerard is raised as a son of his own house.

    SD 1000 / 2264 / Y154 The Federation institutes the Stardate system. Up to this point, each world used its own method of time-keeping (Star Fleet tended to follow Earth Standard Time). Under the new system, each year is represented by 1000 stardate units.

    James T. Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise.

    Second Federation-Romulan War begins.

    SD 2000 / 2265 / Y155 Treaty of Pelione re-establishes the Neutral Zone and ends the second Fed-Romulan War.

    Orions destroy Federation border station K4.

    SD 3000 / 2266 / Y156 Second Federation-Klingon War begins. War ends the same year with the Organian Treaty. Note that, despite the various legends, the Organians brokered the treaty; they did not impose it.

    SD 4000 / 2267 / Y157 Gorn-Federation “war” starts as the result of a small incident where two brash young captains shoot first and face embarrassing questions later. Both fleets mobilize, but no space combat takes place. The Romulans attempt to disrupt treaty negotiations, but the “war” ends six weeks later with the Treaty of Algoran. The Federation apologizes for entering the territory of the previously unknown Gorns, while the Gorns pay reparations for the colony destroyed in a ground raid and imprison an officer who used excessive force.

    SD 5000 / 2268 / Y158 Fourth Klingon-Kzinti War begins. Citing their treaty, the Hydrans almost immediately launch an attack against the Klingon border squadrons. The Lyrans join the Klingons in fighting Hydrans and Kzintis. This is known as the Four Powers War and is regarded as a prelude to the later General War. All previous wars had been small (mostly consisting of border raids) but new logistical systems developed in this war (notably the semiportable “Mobile Base”) will make actual invasions of enemy territory possible. Fighters are deployed by the Kzintis in large numbers for the first time, establishing the concept of “attrition units” which make it possible to fight savage battles without losing quite so many ships that take years to build.

    The Federation, anxious to reduce the threat posed by the Klingons, shifts fleet units to the Klingon border and discusses a limited action with the Organians to restore the balance of power. This is, however, a “hoax” intended to influence the Klingons to negotiate an immediate settlement to end the war, as the Federation would never consider military power as a solution to the problem. The plan backfires.

    SD 6000 / 2269 / Y159 Klingon-Romulan Treaty of Smarba signed. Klingons begin supplying advanced technology to the Romulans, allowing the conversion of old Warbirds into War Eagles. These increase pressure on the Federation Border. The Federation transfers ships back from the Klingon border to the Romulan border. This allows the Klingons to transfer ships to fight the Kzintis. The Federation’s attempt to use the “threat of force” as a substitute for simple force has failed.

    SD 7000 / 2270 / Y160 Minor skirmish on the Gorn-Romulan-Federation border. Romulans open diplomatic relations with the Federation, beginning the period of detente and trade that lasts until Y173.

    Phillip Kosnett becomes captain of the Heavy Cruiser Kongo. In one of his first missions, he protects the planet Pollux IX from a meteor set on course by the Klingons.

    SD 9000 / 2272 / Y162 The Kzinti noble known as “The Marquis” (in failing health) sends William S. Gerard home in an AAS fighter, the first time the Federation has seen a craft of this type.
    The Four Powers War ends with inconclusive results.

    SD 10000 / 2273 / Y163 Klingon-Tholian Incident.

    The Federation Galactic Survey cruiser Marco Polo is attacked by the Romulans and rescued by the cruiser Hood.

    SD 11000 / 2274 / Y164 The Federation tug Al Rashid is disabled near the Kzinti-Klingon border. Kzinti ships arrive to rescue the ship; Klingons arrive and claim that the Kzintis are pirates.

    The Klingon D6 Gnasher raids Rita’s Planet in the Neutral Zone, massacring the Federation colonists. The Kongo arrives and rescues Burt Engles, the only survivor, and takes him to Organia to testify against Klingon Commander Kremler; the Gnasher tries but fails to stop the Kongo.

    Ardak Kumerian assumes command of frigate Vigilance. Due to a combination of circumstances, history will record more about him than any other Klingon officer. As an admiral, his most famous quote will be “Never fight a battle you do not have to win.”

    SD 12000 / 2275 / Y165 The Romulans begin building the new generation of ships known as “the Hawk series.”

    Federation begins “refits” that add improved systems to their ship; other races follow suit.

    Destroyer Kublai intercepts the Klingon D6 Devastation, which had been harassing shipping.

    The Federation destroyer Bowie is destroyed on the Tholian border.

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