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    Early Years Timeline


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    Early Years Timeline Empty Early Years Timeline

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    2172 / Y62 First cruiser capable of Tactical Warp is launched by the Federation; it is also the first ship not to be under command of any specific planet (although the formal creation of the Star Fleet is almost a decade away). This ship is, in fact, a conversion of a sublight cruiser of the class known much later as the “Old Light Cruiser.” (Tactical Warp allows ships to fight at warp speed, although only up to Warp 3.2.) This ship includes the first tractor beam that could be used by ships traveling at warp speed, but its range was limited to 10,000km and it could only function in the rear arc. Other races develop similar tractor beams as they go to Tactical Warp. The Romulans, limited to Non-Tactical Warp, use the original tractors (limited to 1,000km and dead astern towing only) until the Treaty of Smarba.

    Developed in conjunction with Tactical Warp, the transporter first enters service. It is limited to a range of 10,000km. Federation ships refitted with Tactical Warp had their heavy weapons replaced by photon torpedoes.

    2181 / Y71 Federation forms the United Star Fleet. Member planets begin disbanding their “national” fleets (comprised of NTW ships) in favor of the United Star Fleet, which consists exclusively of photon armed Tactical Warp ships. This is one of the cornerstones of Federation cohesiveness, as the United Star Fleet makes the national fleets obsolete. To “facilitate training,” however, the Federation Council agrees to allow each planet to convert a few old ships to Tactical Warp and photon torpedoes. In fact, the member planets still do not entirely trust each other and these refitted ships are a symbol of political power. While there will never be a Federation Civil War, there are moments in which tensions over trade concessions and other matters reach high levels.

    2189 / Y79 Tholians arrive in our galaxy, settling in the tip of the same spiral arm that includes the Klingons. The Klingons explored and claimed this territory only a few years previously, and had set up a few colonies there, but no Klingon ships were present at the precise point of Tholian arrival so they remain undetected.

    Federation launches the first of the Republic-class cruisers and begins refitting the older Province-class cruisers to the improved (and faster) Tactical Warp engines.

    2190 / Y80 At about this time, most races develop tractor beams able to function in a 360° arc, but this technology is still limited to 10,000km. Also at about this time, most races are able to extend the range of their transporters to 20,000km.

    2193 / Y83 Tholians make their first known contact with the Klingons and establish the borders of the Holdfast. First of several vicious border wars lasts two years, causing heavy losses among the Klingon ships (who cannot fight the new technology effectively). Tholians wipe out three minor Klingon colonies, the largest of which is Kalesta (intended as the jumping-off point for the conquest of the Romulans).
    The Klingons will forever after regard the Tholians as “foreign invaders.” The shame of having a part of the Empire occupied by a foreign power will stain the honor of the warrior class forever. Although no one knows it at the time, the Tholians probably saved the Romulans from being conquered by the Klingons. Missing the chance to conquer the Romulans will give the Klingons much anguish. Had they done so, they might have had the resources to dominate the entire Alpha Sector.

    Federation Marine Major General Kripney delivers the famous report “Case for Primary Contact Action Teams in Novel Contact Environments” to Star Fleet Command.

    2194 / Y84 First contact between the Tholians and Federation. The Tholians have no interest in suggestions for commerce and the free exchange of ideas.

    In the Federation, Tumball Massi is placed in charge of the Primary Contact program; this is the genesis of the later Prime Teams.

    2195 / Y85 First contact between the Klingons and Federation (although the Vulcans had previously told the other Federation members of past meetings with the warrior race). The Klingons, involved in a war with the Hydrans, furious with the Tholians, and still watching the Kzinti border, decide not to provoke this new enemy but instead send Klingon civilians and diplomats to hold trade talks and discuss cooperation treaties. For several years, the Klingons and Federation remain on friendly terms, which are increasingly strained as both try to snap up good colony worlds in the relatively unexplored territory between them. While both assume the other race is not particularly warlike, both note that the other is positioning colonies for strategic advantage and both quickly intensify intelligence-gathering efforts.

    Ground-breaking ceremonies for Cultural Indoctrination Center and for the Prime Central facility on the Moon.

    2198 / Y88 First Federation-Kzinti War begins as Kzintis attack. The Klingons provide the Federation with useful intelligence and tactical advice, and for a few years Klingon officers are honored guests on Federation cruisers fighting the Kzintis. The Klingons expect to eventually fight the Federation simply because they have fought all of their neighbors, but do not do so at this point because there are no bases on the Federation border to support fleets, and there is enough trouble with their other neighbors.

    Under tremendous pressure, the Federation Council agrees to allow each member planet to keep a “squadron” of old ships refitted with tactical warp and photon torpedoes. As the size of these squadrons is not defined, the move in effect legalizes the “training” units that had grown far larger than the original law of Y71 intended. Some of these ships will serve in combat later. These squadrons will, in Y113, evolve into the National Guard.

    2199 / Y89 Kzintis make gains against the Federation, capturing several planets.

    2201 / Y91 Federation begins counter-offensive to regain territory occupied by the Kzintis, making steady progress.

    2202 / Y92 The Great Klingo-Tholian War begins; it lasts 10 years and accomplishes nothing.

    First Federation-Kzinti War ends, with the Federation frontier re-established in the original location, creating a temporary “border.”

    2205 / Y95 Star Fleet Marine Corps and the Federation Merchant Service are formally brought under the umbrella of Star Fleet Command.

    2208 / Y98 Klingons attack the Tholian homeworld. While causing much damage, they cannot destroy it, and are forced to withdraw.

    2210 / Y100 At about this time, most races are able to extend the range of their transporters to 30,000km.

    2212 / Y102 Klingons abandon the Great War against Tholians.

    Noting the problems of an undefined Klingon border, the Federation Council declares the border of the Federation to be 4,750 parsecs from the center of the Primary Member Zone (an area that will later be known simply as “the capital”). This declaration is announced as a great peacemaking effort, in that the Federation will not attempt to control territory beyond this limit. The limit, defined by the distance from the capital to the Romulan Neutral Zone, includes territory occupied by the Kzintis and disputed by the Klingons, neither of which are impressed with Federation diplomatic statements.

    Federation Primary Contact teams are officially renamed Prime Teams, a designation they have carried unofficially for several years.

    2213 / Y103 A series of incidents on the Federation-Klingon “border” begin with the declaration by the Federation and increase over the next six years.

    2215 / Y105 Federation colony on Aberdeen III is found to be completely abandoned under mysterious circumstances that are never explained.

    Romulans discover that Orion pirates have built extensive colonies and bases in unused Romulan territory (the “pirate kingdoms”) and consider this a clandestine invasion by the Federation. This begins a long campaign to wipe them out, which took three decades.

    2220 / Y110 First Federation-Klingon War begins with Klingon attack on territory claimed by the Federation Declaration of Y102.

    Tholians capture disruptor technology from the Klingons in a daring raid. The Klingons are furious but unable to react due to their new war with the Federation. The fact that the Tholians had weapons superior to the Klingons (e.g., Phaser-1s) may have been the reason that the Klingons abandoned the war with the Federation so quickly.

    Romulan Senate votes to launch a new war against the Federation, but after the sudden death of Emperor Ramillius, the Senate reverses its decision and recalls the ships sent to the Federation border. At least one Federation ship is destroyed in a skirmish with the initial Romulan probes, but the Romulans withdrew before the Federation detected any Romulan attack and the ship (which was unable to transmit a warning) was written off as “fate unknown.” This is, much later, spoken of as “the forgotten war.”

    2221 / Y111 First Federation-Klingon War ends as the Klingons abandon their attacks and launch diplomatic protests over the new Federation border.

    2222 / Y112 The planet Aurora III is colonized. To date, this system is the most coreward that the Federation has colonized.

    2223 / Y113 When Federation member planets stall on the mandated scrapping of their “national” fleets, the Federation Council passes the Federation Defense Act, creating the National Guards of each planet. These are, officially, a reserve for the Star Fleet, but this will not become fact for a generation. In the interim, each planet regards its National Guard as its defense against domination by other members of the Federation and for local defense (as some doubt that Star Fleet can or will protect every member planet equally).

    Sixteen Orion ships and 9,000 skilled crewmen mutiny and disappear. These actually go to secret Orion colonies, some of them in Romulan space, and become the nucleus of the Orion Pirates.

    2227 / Y117 Orion Pirates are in widespread operation and begin eliminating or co-opting non-Orion pirates who had been in operation for decades.

    2230 / Y120 At about this time, most races are able to extend the reach of their tractor beams to 20,000km and the range of their transporters to 40,000km. All races begin building Base Stations along their borders, replacing previous haphazard networks of various types and sizes of bases. This tends to solidify the borders over the next two decades.

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